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Wheat Bags are used by millions of people every day to provide a safe and simple alternative to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Wheat Bags are easy to use by heating in a microwave oven or chilling in a freezer and are safer, more convenient and more comfortable than a hot water bottle.

When heated, Wheat Bags relieve aching joints and muscles including back ache, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, tummy ache and menstrual cramps. The warmth relaxes aching muscles and can be used to warm hands and feet giving particular relief to those suffering from Raynaud's Disease.

Wheat Bags make a safe and effective bed warmer and stay warm much longer than a hot water bottle.

When chilled, Wheat Bags comfortably reduce swelling and can be applied effectively to sprains and sports injuries.

At Wheat Pouch Designs we also make a range of useful home accessories including Fragrant Door Stops and Door Stops ready for you to fill.

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